Moving office?  Get the professionals in!  Office moves, project managed including disconnection & reconnection of IT/telephone systems etc...

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Home Packing Services in Chester

A Professional Packing Service 

Moving house? Ease the burden by starting the process up to 6 weeks before you move, one room & declutter at the same time!

Clear The Chaos is committed to helping make your home or office move as smooth as possible.  Moving is rated as one of the 3 most stressful experiences in your life so why not mitigate this by using a professional packing service?  It can be a daunting task however quite often the key to a successful move is being organised, packed and ready for when the movers arrive.  We offer both home packing services in Chester and surrounding areas and office moves.  

We offer bespoke specialist packing services, which include materials and will project manage your move where required. Giving you the opportunity to live a more organised, less chaotic life, which ultimately gives you precious time back.  

Personalised professional packing services offered to meet your needs and make your move seamless & stress free